• To have resilience

    • To be resilient
  • To cope
  • To recover


Resilience has notable effects on one's brain.

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Subjective measurement

Resilience can only be measured through self-assessment questions, as it is a solely subjective experience, mindset, and feeling.

  • Overall, I am resilient when I encounter distress.
  • When things go wrong in my life, it doesn't take me a long time to to get back to normal.
  • I am confident in my abilities to cope.
  • I cope well with my stress.
  • I recover easily.
  • I remain calm during crises and chaos.
  • I move on from crises without long-term negative consequences.


Resilience needs vary from person to person depending on personal differences including:

  • Personal life events

    • Number of stressors
    • Intensity of stressors


Ideally every human should

  • Have a healthy resilience in life

    • Cope and recover well
  • Understand personal resilience needs
  • Track resilience needs weekly and/or monthly
  • Fulfill personal resilience needs

    • Set weekly and/or monthly goals based on personal resilience needs
    • Build and maintain a healthy resilience

Ideally you should strive to have the resilience and recovery capabilities necessary for you to maintain good psychological health.

Consider your needs

Consider how much time you need to cope and recover from stressors. Significantly stressful life events and circumstances will require you to give more time and effort to your resilience and recovery. The greater the number and intensity of your stressors, the greater the need for resilience. //

Fulfill your needs

Be intentional about setting aside the time you need to cope and recover from stressors, ensuring you have the healthy resilience you need.

Track your needs

Try to measure your resilience needs weekly or at least monthly.

// Use the Fostering Flourishing tool (not made yet)


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