• To have meaning
  • To have purpose
  • To have identity


A sense of meaning has notable effects on one's brain.

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Subjective measurement

Meaning can only be measured through self-assessment questions, as it is a solely subjective experience, mindset, and feeling.

  • Overall, my life is meaningful and purposeful.
  • My life has purpose.
  • I have a strong identity in my life's purpose.
  • My life and the things I do are worthwhile.
  • I understand my purpose in life.
  • I lead a purposeful and meaningful life.
  • The things I do in my life are intentional and purposeful.
  • I am forging meaning in my life.
  • I am building my own identity.
  • What I do in my life is valuable.
  • I live my life with purpose.
  • The things I do in my life are important.
  • My life is valuable and worthwhile.
  • My daily activities are important, valuable, and worthwhile.
  • I have a useful role in the world.
  • I usually feel useful.
  • My life has a clear purpose.
  • I am inspired and motivated.
  • I live according to my values and beliefs.
  • I have a sense of direction in my life.
  • I have clear goals.
  • I set goals.
  • I plan and prepare for the future.
  • I have personal projects or goals that I feel are important to pursue.


Ideally every human should

  • Have a strong sense of meaning, purpose, and identity in life
  • Understand personal meaning needs
  • Track meaning needs weekly and/or monthly
  • Fulfill personal meaning needs

    • Set weekly and/or monthly goals based on personal meaning needs
    • Build and maintain a healthy sense of meaning and a healthy identity

Fulfill your needs

Be intentional about setting aside the time you need to forge meaning in your life and build your identity, ensuring you have the healthy sense of meaning, purpose, and identity you need.

Track your needs

Try to measure your meaning needs weekly or at least monthly.

// Use the Fostering Flourishing tool (not made yet)


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