• To have leisure
  • To have fun

    • To play
  • To have peace
  • To relax
  • To have relief


Leisure has notable effects on one's body and brain.

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Subjective measurement

Leisure can only be measured through self-assessment questions, as it is a solely subjective experience, mindset, and feeling.

  • Overall, I give myself plenty of time for leisure.
  • I regularly engage in leisurely activities.
  • I can relax and unwind.
  • I often have fun in life.
  • I take time to relax and have fun.
  • I have enough leisure time to relax.
  • I am not overwhelmed by stress.
  • My leisure helps me stay free of tension and anxiety.
  • I am not overworked.
  • I take time to enjoy and savor life.


Leisure needs vary from person to person depending on personal differences including:

  • Personal life events

    • Number of stressors
    • Intensity of stressors


Ideally every human should

  • Have a sense of leisure, fun, and peace in life
  • Understand personal leisure needs
  • Track leisure needs weekly and/or monthly
  • Fulfill personal leisure needs

    • Regularly set aside leisure time to relax and/or have fun
  • Set weekly and/or monthly goals based on personal leisure needs

    • Build and maintain a healthy sense of leisure, fun, and peace

Consider your needs

Consider how much leisure time you need to feel relaxed and free of excessive tension and anxiety. You may need more leisure time if you are experiencing significantly stressful life events and circumstances. The greater the number and intensity of your stressors, the greater the need for leisure.

Fulfill your needs

Be intentional about setting aside the time you need to have relax and enjoy yourself, ensuring you have the healthy leisure time you need.

Track your needs

Try to measure your leisure needs weekly or at least monthly.

// Use the Fostering Flourishing tool (not made yet)


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