Positive emotion


  • To have positive emotion
  • To have emotional well-being
  • To have emotional regulation
  • To have emotional stability
  • To have optimism
  • To have positive affect


Emotional well-being has notable effects on one's brain.

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Subjective measurement

  • Overall, I have had healthy emotional well-being.
  • I have been feeling positive emotions.
  • I have been optimistic about my life.
  • I have been emotionally stable.
  • I have been regulating my emotions well.
  • I have had high positive affectivity.
  • I have been calm and peaceful.
  • I have been feeling contented.


Emotional needs vary from person to person depending on personal differences including:

  • Personality type
  • Medical mental conditions
  • Medications

The personality trait of extraversion is often associated with high levels of positive affectivity and positive emotion, whereas introversion may have the reverse effect. There are also several brain disorders that cause decreased positive affect and positive emotion, such as depression, anxiety, and bipolar. Similarly, medications that treat mental conditions such as those brain disorders often are intended to significantly alter a person's affectivity and emotions. These are among some of the personal factors that are important to be aware of and understand the implications of.


Ideally every human should

  • Have positive emotions and high positive affectivity
  • Have emotional regulation and stability
  • Understand personal emotional needs
  • Track emotional needs weekly and/or monthly
  • Fulfill personal emotional needs

    • Set weekly and/or monthly goals based on personal needs
    • Cultivate healthy positive emotion
    • Develop positive affect
    • Regulate and stabilize emotions

Fulfill your needs

Be intentional about building the emotional well-being you need by cultivating positive emotion, developing positive affect, and regulating your emotional stability.

Track your needs

Try to measure your emotional needs weekly or at least monthly.

// Use the Fostering Flourishing tool (not made yet)


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