This table breaks down the effects of neglect and fulfillment of sleeping well.

Effect Neglect Fulfillment
Irritability Increased Decreased
Cognitive functioning Impaired Improved
Memory retention Impaired Improved
Judgement Impaired Maintained
Severe yawning Increased Decreased
Risk of hallucinations Increased Decreased
Immune system Weakened Strengthened
Risk of Type 2 diabetes Increased Decreased
Risk of heart disease Increased Decreased
Heart rate variability Increased Decreased
Reaction time Slowed Improved
Muscle control accuracy Impaired Improved
Risk of tremors Increased Decreased
Risk of aches Increased Decreased
Growth and development Suppressed Improved
Risk of obesity Increased Decreased
Body temperature stability Decreased Improved
Energy and vitality Decreased Increased
Alertness Impaired Improved
Mood and emotional regulation Impaired Improved
Metabolism functioning Impaired Improved
Learning ability Impaired Improved
Motivation Decreased Increased
Perception and awareness Impaired Improved
Attentiveness and focus Impaired Improved
Creativity Impaired Improved
Decision making Impaired Improved
Reaction to insulin Impaired Improved
Healing and recovery Impaired Improved
Repairing heart and blood vessels Impaired Improved


This table is incomplete. Citations and references are still required for each data point. If you'd like to help out, please volunteer.