This table breaks down the effects of neglect and fulfillment of exercising well.

Effect Neglect Fulfillment
Risk of heart disease Increased Decreased
Risk of cardiovascular disease Increased Decreased
Risk of Type 2 diabetes Increased Decreased
Risk of obesity Increased Decreased
Growth and development Decreased Increased
Aging No effect Preventative
Muscles Weakened Strengthened
Cardiovascular system Weakened Strengthened
Athleticism Weakened Strengthened
Excess weight Increased Lost
Maintaining healthy weight Impaired Improved
Physical fitness Impaired Improved
Regulating digestive health Impaired Improved
Building/maintaining healthy bone density Impaired Improved
Building/maintaining healthy muscle strength Impaired Improved
Building/maintaining healthy joint mobility Impaired Improved
Physiological well-being Impaired Improved
Surgical risks Increased Decreased
Immune system Weakened Strengthened
Life expectancy Decreased Increased
Cardiovascular mortality Increased Decreased
Total sleep time Decreased Increased
Being well-rested Impaired Improved
Functional exercise capacity Impaired Improved
Breathlessness Increased Reduced
Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) Decreased Increased
Sarcopenia (muscle loss and shrinking) Increased Preventative
Body fat percentage Increased Decreased
Risk of injury Increased Decreased
Flexibility and mobility Decreased Increased
Stamina and resistance to fatigue Decreased Increased
Mood and emotional regulation Impaired Improved
Stress response Raised Lowered
Blood pressure Increased Decreased
Blood sugar Increased Decreased
Tendon, ligaments, and cartilage health Impaired Improved
Skeletal muscle tension Increased Reduced
Sleep length and quality Decreased Increased
Interest in sex Decreased Increased
Endurance Decreased Increased
Energy and vitality Decreased Increased
Mental alertness Decreased Increased
Cholesterol No effect Reduced
Anxiety and depression No effect Reduced
Blood circulation to the brain Decreased Increased
Self-esteem No effect Improved
Cognitive degeneration Increased risk Preventative


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