Thank you for considering contributing! This project is completely driven by individual contributors, like you. Contributors like you are what make this project possible.

Because this project is only just beginning development and is a large work in progress, it needs all the help you can give. Please contribute in any way you wish. This page outlines some opportunities.

Giving feedback

Please take the survey to give your feedback on the project and the website. This survey is intended to gather information to guide the direction of the project's development.

Suggesting edits

Because this project is built by individual human contributors, it is certainly subject to several human errors. Furthermore, the core of this project is written content, which can always be improved for greater clarity and readability. As you read through the pages, please note any pages that have errors, could be written better, or just could be improved in general. Then suggest edits to that page by filling out the suggestion form linked to at the bottom of the page.

Research and writing

This project requires a great deal of research and writing, which is rather time consuming. Thus, the more people contributing, the faster this project can come together. If you have an interest or any expertise in the subjects discussed by this project, please volunteer to help write sections and provide research. Ideally all writings presented should be factual and verifiable, and the sources and supporting references should be cited.

Currently there are several incomplete pages that still require an Effects table and more resources.

Effects tables

The Effects table of a need breaks down the consequences of neglecting or fulfilling the need. The table will always have 3 columns: Effect, Neglect, and Fulfillment. Each row will list (1) an effect on a human and what (2) neglecting and (3) fulfilling the need does to that effect. For example, see the Effects table for the need to eat. Each effect should reference at least one cited source by its number, and each cited source should be listed at the bottom of the page according to reference numbers.

If you'd like to help create an Effects table for a need, then please volunteer here or find the incomplete page you'd like to contribute to and following the volunteer link there under the Effects section.


The resources section of a page should provide people links to useful sources of information or relevant tools. Each page should list resources give practical advice on how to best fulfill the given need or foster the given fundamental of flourishing. Ideally the list of resources should be reasonable in length and should reference only the most credible, reputable, and critically renowned resources. (A longer term goal for each page is to compile the advice of the resources into a comprehensive list of practical recommendations and even provide specific examples.)

If you'd like to help compile a list of resources for a need, then please volunteer here or find the incomplete page you'd like to contribute to and following the volunteer link there under the Resources section.

Developing the website

Hey web developers, this website is completely open source, and you can directly contribute to it on GitHub with pull requests! The website is built using Gatsby (mainly Markdown and React) and is hosted using GitHub Pages. Take a look at the repo and see if you can improve the code and keep it healthy! If you recognize any areas for improvement to be made with the website, please discuss the changes you'd like to see (or make) via an issue or pull request.